Thursday, 22 October 2009


So this is a work in progress, I need to try using photoshop more so this is my attempt. I've stopped just before I attempt the people characters, because people reeeaaaally arent my strong point, and hate myself for putting them in there. Never mind, they're in there now. And I'm stuck with the background. And theres no finer detail in there shadows, scales etc. So, any pointers from anyone whos interested? No? Fine. If I put the finished thing up and it's a mess, I'm blaming you.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

aaarrrgh! Finally!

Finally! I'm going to write this really quick before my pc crashes and all my hard waiting is lost, but technology has finally decided to work and here is my showreel! It's bad quality because every pc I have tried to upload on has given up on me, so the only solution I had was to make it smaller at the risk of it's quality. I'll probably try and upload a better one, once I've set up camp and prepared myself to wait another 5 years. But anyway, it's on here finally! Anyone got any pointers ot any showreel advice or if it's just plain rubbish, let me know! I'm quite happy with it but there's always something more to change. Finished? what is this word?.... Finally!

Monday, 1 June 2009

So, this is what I have been working on for the past couple of months. It's not as finished as I would like it to be, but I'm satisfied with it so it'll do! My time keeping wasn't exactly great so some bits have suffered slightly, but oh well, learning curve! I suppose with animation though there is always more you can do to it, it's never going to be perfect. But I'm happy with it, so it's ok. I now need to cut it down and get rid of the bits I don't like to make an industry showreel, which I'll put up soon. At some point I'll go back through it and tidy up or re-do the parts I'm not happy with. Oh and it's good to have finally animated my beast I designed and rigged, and my friend modelled (thank you Jamie!). I'm really happy with how he looks, I feel like a proud mama! I need to print business cards aswell, but I never realised how long they take over the internet! Probably should have done them last week.......

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Well I think that's all I'm going to upload for now, I've been doing it all morning and now I should really do some animating, or some dissertation (joy of joys). Oooh and some good news, I got a 1st for my pre-production! I may put up some drawings I did for my pre-production soon, I had to do a character design and came up with a creature that I'm proud of, a bit like my strange, misshapen, ugly baby. Of all the things I've come up with, he's definatley the most warped. But I love him. I'll probably put him up on Deviant art ( if your interested! Or bored.) at some point too, once I've photoshopped him up a bit. But that's enough for now. My PC's screaming at me to stop uploading stuff, so I'm going to torture it with Maya now.

Works in Progress

So these are my works in progress. These are all animations I'm working on for my Final Third year showreel. They're all at a standard that I'm happy to put them up here, although they all still need tweaking here and there, and some areas need a right sorting out! They're not far off finished, but I thought I'd put them up for now, and put up the finished ones at a later date! I'm using Maya for all these, I may use Max for my last animations, we shall see......

Oh and with the mime, the guy is trying to steal brownies next to sign that says do not touch. I know it's difficult to read at the moment (well, hopefully not TOO difficult!) but once its finished it should make sense. And I say SHOULD...

(mammoth rig by S Sudeesh at

Motion Builder

This year has also been my first introduction to Motion Builder (dan dan daaaaaaan!) This was a little bit daunting at first, nobody really knew what to make of it. It seemed to take the fun out of animating. But then we were told that we had to animate our own little sequences to use in Motion Builder, and some calm was restored. It's not as easy to animate with as Max or Maya, but as I got used to it it wasn't bad at all. For the bi-ped part, all the major motions were motion captured separately,e.g the run is separate, the part where he looks around is separate, and the walk and sitting on the chair is separate, and I had to animate a little part where he trips, and then blend all these motions together. There were only a few little glitches I had to iron out, and I think the end product looks pretty ok, although not as successful as the dog

For the dog, I had to animate an idol movement, which is the part where he is sitting looking around, and a walk. I then had to blend these two together, and although it was more difficult than the bi-ped, I think it's more successful. Maybe it had something to do with them being my own animations, not motion capture which made me enjoy it more?....Either way, I thought the whole project was pretty good! Although I still enjoy animating in Max or Maya more. But I'm just stubborn! :)

Bouncy Ball

Just because I like him!

All my characters/objects/creatures/things seem to be 'him's' for some reason, unless stated otherwise. I don't really know why.....

Go Ahead and Jump!

This was the third and final action I had to do for the Intro to Maya Project, and it was probably my least favourite as I had the most trouble with weight and balance, and had to rush the end slightly, but looking at it now it doesn't actually look as bad as I thought it did! I might go as far to say I actually quite like it......maybe. It's like the bad guy in a movie, you don't like him but secretly you root for him. Or is that just me?.....

Angry Walk

This was another cyclic walk I did for the Intro to Maya project. I wanted to do something aside from a generic walk to show a bit more weight and some different body movement, and I thought making him angry would be a good one to do. As I didn't render the finished piece, you can't really see his facial expressions, which is a bit of a shame, but hopefully you'll get and understanding of the mood he's in just through his walk. Otherwise I have failed. Miserably.

Leisurely Run

I'm not really sure if there is actually any such thing as a 'leisurely run', but that's what he's meant to be doing, a non- rushed run! Aside from bouncing balls (which I may put up later, I quite like it) this was my first venture into Maya back in October. For the first two years of Uni, I have been using 3DS Max, but this year we have been introduced to Maya. It took some getting used to, but it's great to use and makes Max seem alien now. But for the first Maya project we just did some simple cyclic and non- cyclic movements, and I'm really pleased with how they came out, so I'm going to put them up for you to see :)

First Proper Post!

So this is my first post which is showing you something! This was part of my second year character interaction piece, and I know we're going back a bit but this was probably my first animation that I was happy with, at least with character interaction. Looking at it now, I can see obvious mistakes like snapping in places and some spongy lip sync, but like I said, I'm still pretty happy with it. And as I have no other character interaction pieces to show you until I complete my Final Major Project, this one will do! ( Well, I do, but I'm not as pleased with them as I am with this one....)

Sunday, 22 February 2009

New Kid

Ssoooooooooo....... I've only just set this up and I'm still finding my way around, so I'll have some stuff up soon when I figure all this out and actually have something interesting to blog about!